Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid - Chapter 69

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Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid

Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid - Chapter 69
Chapter 69: Yabai Mina's Self-Attack Strategy!

When Chen Mu learned about Shizhigong Gong's plan, he refused at first.

But after thinking about it, he agreed.

On the one hand, it was a bit stupid to turn against someone so quickly after eating his daughter.

On the other hand, it wouldn't take Chen Mu much effort.

It was still the old rules.

Give them a weight first.

After that, let them train by themselves.

As they train, they will naturally break their limits.

In this whole process, the time Chen Mu really needs to spend may be only a few minutes.

It couldn't be simpler.

Of course, it is only simple for Chen Mu.

For others, this method is a bit incredible.

After all, it is necessary to accurately card everyone's limit.

And make sure not to crush those people.

There are too many things required in this.

Chen Mu can only do this because he has the ability of super perspective and can directly observe the internal body structure.

Most people do this when they come up, and then they will die.

Either the pressure is not enough, and it can't have a good training effect.

Or the pressure is too much, which directly crushes people.

Not everyone has Chen Mu's super vision.


After getting Chen Mu's consent,

Shinomiya Isao also took action quickly.

As the order was issued, the captains of the other expeditionary forces all came to the Fifth Expeditionary Force to gather.

As for those who refused to participate in this special training, there was not a single one.

Who would refuse such a difficult opportunity to become stronger?

They are not fools.

In fact, not only some captains and deputy captains, but also some people who have reached more than 80% of their liberation combat power and have the potential to become captains have also participated in this special training, waiting for Chen Mu's special training.

As a result, in the end, the total number of people added up to more than fifty, which exceeded Chen Mu's expectations.

But again, it only took a few minutes.

It's not a big deal.


When Chen Mu arrived at the place where the captains gathered, many people were already waiting for him.

Chen Mu didn't say much and wanted to work right away.

However, Chen Mu, who was sensitive, soon realized the discord.

Others, even the captain of the first expeditionary force, Ming Haixian, looked at him with admiration.

But there was one exception.

That was the captain of the third expeditionary force, Yabai Mina. The way she looked at Chen Mu.

How to say it.

It was a bit like the way Shizuka Hiratsuka looked at Chen Mu.

The undisguised admiration almost overflowed.

This made Chen Mu confused.

No, what was going on?

He remembered that he and Yabai Mina didn't have a deep relationship.

At most, thanks to Jinmu Chitsuka, he had admired Yabai Mina's perfect shape once before.

After that, he saved Yabai Mina once.

But, based on these, is it necessary to become like this now?

It's really a life-saving grace, and you repay it with your body.

In fact, the essence of repaying life-saving grace with your body.

It's the suspension bridge effect.

The so-called suspension bridge effect means that when a person is in danger, his heartbeat will accelerate, his emotions will become particularly excited, and the secretion rate of hormones will increase.

In this case, if other people appear, it is easy to attribute the abnormality to other people and then develop feelings.

This is the essence of"saving life with one's body".

To put it bluntly, it is actually an illusion caused by excessive secretion of hormones.

This is the principle of a hero saving a beauty.

And Chen Mu's treatment of Yabai Mina is not just as simple as a hero saving a beauty.

He not only perfectly meets the suspension bridge effect, but also fills the shadow that Yabai Mina has had since she was a child.

That is, lack of security.

When Yabai Mina was most helpless, Chen Mu was like a ray of light, pulling her out of hell.

That powerful gesture directly made Yabai Mina feel an unparalleled sense of security in her heart.

To some extent, Chen Mu directly became Yabai Mina's psychological sustenance.

This is also the reason why Yabai Mina's attitude towards Chen Mu changed so quickly.

The suspension bridge effect is one aspect.

Psychological sustenance is another.

The superposition of the two.

Yabai Mina, how could she not fall fast?

Chen Mu certainly didn't understand this.

Superman couldn't read minds.

However, although he didn't know the reason

, Chen Mu could see Yabai Mina's feelings for him.

Chen Mu estimated that even if he killed or burned someone in front of Yabai Mina,

Yabai Mina would take the initiative to help him deal with the bodies.

Favorability, it's so outrageous

"Old Ka, you really can't blame me, I didn't want to do that either!"

Chen Mu subconsciously glanced at Hibino Kafka, and secretly said sorry in his heart.

Heaven and earth are conscientious.

He really didn't have any thoughts about Yabai Mina, and he really didn't take the initiative.

As a result, such an inexplicable strategy was completed.

Who would have thought of this.

And now that things have come to this, Chen Mu can't learn from Li Xunhuan.

Give the woman he likes to his friend.

If someone really dares to think so.

Chen Mu will let him know the consequences of the anger of his ancestors.

So, Chen Mu can only say sorry.

Then he gladly accepted it.


We will talk about Yabai Mina later.

Now, Chen Mu still wants to complete the training first.

After putting weights on everyone else in turn.

Chen Mu did not rush to leave.

Instead, he stood there and watched the training methods of others for a while.

As he watched, Chen Mu saw the problem.

The one with the problem was not someone else, but Yabai Mina.

If it was before, Chen Mu might have turned a blind eye to Yabai Mina's problem.

But after knowing Yabai Mina's feelings for him.

He would not do this.

Although not now.

But sooner or later she will be his.

Since she is one of his own, he still has to pay some attention to her.

So, Chen Mu came directly to Yabai Mina.

At this time, Yabai Mina was still working hard to practice aiming and rapid shooting.

This is also her strength, long-range sniping.

But just when she was about to aim at the next target.

Chen Mu spoke:"What are you afraid of? What are you afraid of?"

"Why hesitate? Why waste more time re-aiming?"

"Do you not trust yourself? Or do you not trust others?"

Chen Mu's words made Yabai Mina pause.

The attention of others was also attracted.

After all, the one who was scolded by Chen Mu was not someone else.

It was the captain of the third expeditionary force, Yabai Mina.

Before Chen Mu came out of nowhere, Yabai Mina was the most popular person in the defense army. She was also the most popular successor to the next commander-in-chief of the defense army.

People only praised such people.

When was she scolded?

What was even more unexpected was that in the face of Chen Mu's scolding,

Yabai Mina was not angry, but lowered her head like a little girl who had done something wrong.

"I'm sorry."

Yabai Mina responded in a low voice.

Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid

Zongman: Monster No. 8? Man of Steel, kid - Chapter 69

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