Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 100

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 100

This sound is a bit like a belly language, not like human speech.

But the emotions of the words were like nine yellow springs, with deep malice, resounding throughout the Warcraft Forest,

Even, for Xia Wen and Adam, who completely walked out of the Warcraft Forest,

At this moment, he also froze his figure, and when he looked back, this malicious voice came from his ears.

"Is this Adam's voice?"

"Yes, Mr. Long. He can have such great malice, presumably angry at the witch's curse. "

"Is his voice so loud? You can hear it from this distance. "

Xia Wen was surprised not by words, but by this voice.

They have now flown hundreds of miles, and if calculated according to his simple and crude reasoning,

With this level of voice, it is not possible for a nine-star general to start, and a ten-star general to lay the bottom of the super killing god, can only emit a voice?

To deal with this kind of existence, he Xia Wen is not so arrogant, it will really be fatal!

At least, his voice was not as loud as the "nine nine three" law.

But fortunately, Yoff immediately explained the reason to Xia Wen:

"Mr. Long, don't worry, I know that in your Daxia martial general system, the loud voice seems to be some kind of embodiment of its strength."

"But Adam is different, he is through the existence of the red crystal, in order to link the rules of the Warcraft Forest, so as to make such a heavenly sound."

"You can think of Adam as one of the masters of the Warcraft Forest, and his voice can be transmitted to every place in the Warcraft Forest in a special way."

"But once out of the Warcraft Forest, his voice will be like that, maybe not as loud as my eagle whistle."

"So it is." Xia Wen nodded and glanced back deeply in the direction of the Warcraft Forest,

He remembered this last sentence deeply.

"Oh, live in hell... Life is better than death. I see, it's about yourself, okay, I'll satisfy you later! "

After a short exchange, Yilong and Yiying did not stay in place too much,

Xia Wen took the lead and flew away in the direction of the city.

Yoff summons the birds in the Warcraft Forest to gather and prepare for the next battle to help Linjiang City.

No matter what, you must protect the safety of Linjiang City!

Half an hour after Charven left.

In the Warcraft Forest, a roar of a group of demons began to dance,

The earth began to tremble, and the violent and fishy smell gradually emanated outward.

In the hazy night, the black shadow of the alien beast that could not be seen at the end began to gradually move in the direction outside the Warcraft Forest.

Among these figures, there is a behemoth nearly ten meters tall, which is particularly conspicuous in the black shadow!

It was a giant elephant, a giant elephant that had mutated and was extremely huge and terrifying!

On his body, there was a bright red cushion chair, and on top of the cushion chair, sat a lion in luxurious clothes, looking straight ahead, silent.

He is.... Adam!

Adam took out all the power of his family in the Warcraft Forest this time,

It is bound to slaughter all the millions of people in Linjiang City, leaving not a single mouth alive!

As for whether the Great Xia Dynasty will launch an attack on the Warcraft Forest in the future,

These... None of it matters.

As long as he can find the abominable witch, lift the curse, and return to his human form,

That Da Xia was just a meal on his plate.

When he recovers, everyone in this dynasty will be the target of his conquest!

As for whether the Great Xia Dynasty will attack the Warcraft Forest after this massacre, Adam is not afraid at all!

In the Warcraft Forest, he Adam is the only god!

Who comes: Who died!

Adam's ambition was indeed inspiring for himself.

But unfortunately, he did not know that on the road ahead, there was already an incomparably terrifying abyss waiting for him to come.

As long as he dares to pass, all wishes and fantasies may turn into nothingness.

His future may not be a beautiful fantasy, but an eternal death.

The night is getting darker,

The moon in the sky is also covered by dark clouds,

A strange residual red emanated from the clouds and shone on the earth.

It seems that something terrible is brewing in it, but it is hidden by white clouds and is not known.

Three hours later.

Linjiangbei City Wall,

Zhang Haowen looked at the alien beasts and birds in the sky like a big enemy.

He knew very well that these birds were by no means ordinary birds!

Their bodies are more robust, their speed is more rapid, and even their appearance is very different from the birds in the Great Xia Dynasty.

But Zhang Haowen couldn't attack immediately,

Because the flight altitude of these birds is not within the range of the bow and arrow, although the sky is like a large net that eats people, none of them fly down.

However, they pulled a little bit of bird, and many soldiers were recruited.

In addition to this main reason, Zhang Haowen still has a doubt in his heart. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

That is, in the intelligence of every previous attack by alien beasts, there were no birds.

This sudden appearance of birds has no intention of attacking people.....

This gave him a certain unrealistic conjecture in his mind,

But soon, this speculation was scattered in his heart, because it was simply unrealistic..........

Zhang Haowen looked at the black pressed bird above his head, and his brows were a little tight.

If these birds were the lions in the Warcraft Forest who were specially sent to attack Linjiang City, it would be a big trouble.

"Hopefully.... I guessed wrong. "

The sky was too dark, and even with the illumination of torches, Zhang Haowen's vision was not so clear.

But when he was still thinking about how to solve the matter of birds in the sky.

Suddenly, Zhang Haowen's afterlight glimpsed a dark night flying around obliquely, as if looking for something.

He turned his head suspiciously and looked in the direction of the black shadow,

His gaze condensed, but he saw a crow circling around not far away, and it seemed to be holding a letter on its paws.

"What is it? Letter delivery birds? "

Which brainless person sent the letter, and why did it be sent with a crow?

Isn't this a symbol of bad luck...

Zhang Haowen's brows furrowed tighter, looking at the stupid crow above, I don't know where to fly,

After thinking about it, he still spoke loudly:

"Hoohoooooo Fly here, can you understand what I say! "

Zhang Haowen's voice was very loud, and the confused little crow flying in the sky also heard the voice.

It's wondering which of so many people is the manager.

Turning around, he saw that the owner of this voice was a middle-aged man wearing a brocade robe and embroidered suit, and a white fish 5.3 shirt long.

The little crow's eyes suddenly lit up,

Among so many people, only this one wears the strangest and ugliest clothes,

Then there is no doubt that he must be some special person, and sending the letter to him himself must be the right choice!

Its smart little head did not hesitate, fluttered its wings, and flew slowly to Zhang Haowen,

Loosening the envelope that the little claw clawed claw, it fell accurately on his hand,

Then, without making any stops, he "fluttered" and galloped towards the Warcraft Forest!

The task of the bird and bird has been completed, and King Yove has not let it resist the army of alien beasts.

If you don't run back to hide and sleep at this time, when will you stay?

What the? To fight alien beasts? How can it be!

It's so smart, what a pity to die.

However, it must become the existence of the duck king, so that it will not die in the war for no reason.

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 100

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