Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 40

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 40

After doing this, the brilliance on the humanoid phantom has almost disappeared.

And she herself is already transparent and almost invisible

When people see it, they will think that there is a hallucination.

The humanoid phantom did not care about the changes in his body

She did this only because in her awakened consciousness, there were many more vague memories

And the source of memory,

It was this woman in a coma in the sea dandelion.

It's not instinct, it's just that she simply wants to help, that's all.

After doing this, the humanoid phantom turned his head flatly, and there was no emotion on his face

She felt her consciousness and origin that was about to dissipate

Quiet stay where you are

Quietly waiting for his return.

As part of nature,

She was supposed to be an unconscious collection of rules

Only act according to the rules of nature.

But I don't know when it started

Sometime in the enchanted forest where she was born

She began to have her first sense of self.

This consciousness has only one simple expression

That is peace, peace-loving

Although it was just a simple idea,

But from the moment it created this consciousness,

It is not destined to exist in this world.

In the Enchanted Forest, after the war between the Kingdom of Arendel and the Northern Frontier tribe began

Her consciousness of "peace" completely collapsed

This leads to confusion among the four major elements

She also ended up boarding with this peace-loving girl

While falling into a deep sleep,

It also gave the greatest gift to the other party.

This time, because of the strong emotions before the queen suddenly fell into a coma, she was briefly awakened.

And because of the riot of the water element, he used the little power he had left, causing it to dissipate.

This is a kind of underworld cause and effect in the collection of nature's rules

It's telling her,

It's time to get back to nature

Become part of the rules again....

In the future causal cycle,

Get everything back on track....


There was no joy or sorrow on the face of the humanoid phantom

Quietly waiting for the last moment of the death of the consciousness body.

But suddenly!

Her eyes jerked ahead!

Those illusory eyes,

Through time and space

Suddenly landed on a merchant ship far away from the sea!

There, she felt a human fluctuating force containing elemental magic

Looking into the distance,

Also looking at this, it seems to be looking at her....

In the beautiful eyes of the humanoid phantom

There was an indescribable consternation and a faint surprise.

And her mouth finally came out from the moment she appeared

First mature ethereal female voice:

"The soul of another world can not be perceived by the rules of nature..."

"A body with elemental magic that satisfies my conditions for sojourn nourishment..."

"If you follow him all the time, become a part of him,"

he is

"It can be completely separated from the perception of the rules of the world and continue to exist..."

"Outliers outside the world... Is this providence? "

"Nope... In a human sense, I am heaven. "


"Does heaven also have fate?"

The ethereal female voice murmured

There was finally a little smile in his eyes

Her figure began to gradually condense

She eventually turned into a woman who was seven points similar to the queen.

And these three points are different,

But it is to make her temperament and appearance

Much more noble and beautiful.

It's just that the human form she turned into didn't last long

The beautiful figure was like a flash in the pan, and it dissipated again in the blink of an eye

Finally, it turns into a soft light that is difficult to see with the naked eye

Towards the merchant ship hundreds of miles away

Sprinkle away!


And on the other side,

Merchant ships hundreds of miles away from this storm,

After looking into the distance to confirm that nothing happened

Xia Wen went back to the house and carried a recliner out

On the uppermost deck of a merchant ship,

Leaning lazily on top of the recliner

Two grilled fish in his mouth

While eating and watching, the apocalyptic scene in the rear.

After the initial worries dissipated

I began to be fascinated by this scene, the heavenly majestic scene

Sailing at sea is so boring

You can stay here and enjoy the mighty power of nature

Xia Wen felt quite good.

But it didn't take long!

The grilled fish in Xia Wen's hand fell to the ground

He opened his mouth and rapped at the scene in the area

That apocalyptic scenario,

It is rapidly dissipating at a speed visible to the naked eye.

The terrifying dark clouds in the sky, and the monstrous waves churning on the sea

In less than a minute


Just gone?

It's like seeing a mirage

In the blink of an eye, there is nothing....


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Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 40

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