Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 65

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 65

When the distance between the two sides is getting closer,

Xia Wen raised his eyes red as blood again

The brows furrowed deeper

In his eyes,

Something moving at high speed at great distance

It's no longer a little black dot.

It's a horse with four hooves

Crystal clear aquatic creatures.

Just a glance,

Xia Wen recognized it

This is the spirit of the water element.

And what made him feel the most prickly,

It's on this horseback,

There is still a person sitting!

Looks like that

It was the other party who was harnessing the spirit of the water element and quickly attacked Xia Wen.

Xia Wen knew in his heart

If that person also possesses some incredible magic

That's really hopeless....

This possibility is extremely great in Xia Wen's opinion

Because his memory has long been restored,

The moment he saw that creature, he knew that the other party was a water elemental spirit!

And it should also be the spirit of the water element in a state of dementia and rage!

Can control the spirit of the elements in the state of dementia

That man... How powerful it has to be to do it!

Xia Wen's heart became heavier and heavier

A feeling of dying tragically,

It's about to brew the moment of explosion

He suddenly...

Stunned for a moment?

Xia Wen's eyes widened

Because he could already vaguely see that he was sitting on the back of the water elemental spirit

It seems to be wearing an ice blue long dress,

He has long silver-white hair...


And in Xia Wen's memory,

A woman who can control the spirit of the water element

He really knew...

Tragic emotions have not yet brewed

Xia Wen in his heart,

Suddenly, there was a very strange feeling.

As the Water Elemental Spirit continued to approach Xia Wen

He could already gradually see the silhouette on horseback.

She came on horseback

That noble and beautiful face,

But it made Xia Wen feel an extremely familiar feeling.

Especially the other party's affectionate, water-like eyes

was staring at Xia Wen intently

As if trying to eat him in one bite....

This kind of watery eyes to the extreme,

Xia Wen couldn't help but snort!

I don't know if it's cool or scared

With the matchmaking of various eccentric emotions,

All of a sudden, it exploded in his body

He had hundreds of limbs all over his body

All of them were a little numb by this look.

For a time, Xia Wen exuded various momentum

In front of this look,

Suddenly it was gone.

That kind of bold ambition that you want to fight that and fight

Also at the moment when the identity of the other party is completely confirmed

Thrown under the Five Finger Mountain....

Xia Wen stopped the running horses

Looking at the sky that had quietly landed above him

The spirit of the water element who is slowly walking down from the clouds

His gaze was a little stunned...

A noble woman on horseback,

Her name.......

It's called Elsa.

Five years ago....

Before you know it, it's been five years.

The girl who used to be a little girl

Now an adult

has become a peerless beauty who has fallen in love with the country.

"Really... Like a dream. "

Xia Wen muttered, and the spirit of the water element had already fallen to the ground

Elsa's icy and noble face

Already full of soft,

Her eyes were rippling

The crystal light that looked at Xia Wen

It seems to cross time,

Bring all emotions together in it.

The two looked at each other

It's all silent.

Xia Wen stood in place without moving

But Elsa was carrying a long skirt and came in style.

She came to Xia Wen's side

That seemingly calm face,

But in the cold ice that unconsciously exudes the power of ice and snow

Revealed the waves in her heart.

Looking at each other, Xia Wen opened his mouth

When you want to say something

Elsa suddenly came up

With her cold red lips,

Fiercely imprinted!


Xia Wen's voice was stuck in his throat

That thinks about talking,

Also under this crazy action....


In the end, Xia Wen could only use the same madness.

Use this response to tell the other person,

The same exciting thoughts in her heart as she did.

A lot of times,

There is a transition between active and passive

Especially the girl made of water

In the courage at the beginning,

Under a long period of suffocation,

It will eventually become a puddle of water, at the mercy of others.

Xia Wen was experiencing this strange feeling in a crazy


He suddenly recalled the journey at sea many years ago

That gnawing and biting in a dream

It seems to be compared to this time

Some are comparable....

I don't know when it's over

Will it be bitten into a sausage mouth....

Think about it,

Xia Wen confirmed that dream

In his dream, he was rubbing a small fireball

Then there was the big fireball

Finally, there is the explosion of a nuclear bomb....

Xia Wen stretched out his hand

I really experienced it in reality

Bursting sensation like poking a nuclear bomb.


Not as wide as in the dream, but not bad ~

Especially looking at the other party's face that should be noble and cold

The kind of little woman posture that emerged

Ben's eyes were closed

It also slowly opened under Xia Wen's movements

That kind of eyes with spring water

Tired glanced at Xia Wen strangely

Then slowly close

On that face that was born with the breath of a royal sister,

I also brought pink red glow,

Xia Wen felt

Pinch this face,

I'm afraid I can really squeeze out water....


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Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 65

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