Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 71

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 71

It's just that what Anna doesn't know is that

The reason why Carol was so happy and told Xia Wen's whereabouts was extremely deep.

This malice was accumulated when Xia Wen beat him violently in the past few years,

When he saw Charvin taking the queen of Arendel, as a fiancée, hand in hand to meet them.

Carol was thinking,

If this scene is known by Xia Wen's other favorite little princess,

Some kind of scene that happens must be quite exciting.

If he told Anna himself, saying that Xia Wen had a bad relationship with the Queen,

Then the beatings he has received over the years can be written off, and even the damage caused to him is multiplied!

This was originally a fantasy scene,

But he didn't expect that the heavens actually gave him such a big surprise.

He has been beaten for several years,

If you don't report it at this time, when will you wait for it?!

Carol did not hesitate to leak Xiawen's whereabouts to Anna,

After learning that Anna did not know that the queen was also coming,

Carol decisively shut her mouth and did not reveal Elsa's existence.

Its sinister intentions are known to passers-by!

He even thoughtfully let a knight lead the way,

I was afraid that Anna would not find a place.

Anyway, a few days ago, they had already received a letter from Xia Wen.

Say that things have been basically solved and there will be no problems.

Although it is a pity not to see the scene of Xia Wen being knifed,

But Carol's heart is extremely happy,

The smile on his face has not been broken until now.

And on the other side,

Anna has slowly walked into this ice and snow.

When she stepped into the shore of Lake 11, the horse's hooves gradually stepped over the white snow under her feet,

When you come to the shores of Lake Huert with no end in sight,

Anna's eyes immediately widened!

At the end of her vision,

You can faintly see an ice castle standing in the middle of the lake.

The whole body of this castle is made of cold ice,

Like a frost dragon, it hovers over the surface of the lake.

In the cold wind and ice and snow, it is so abrupt and spectacular.

Anna jumped off her horse, walked to the edge of the lake, stepped on it,

After discovering that the lake water had completely frozen into ice,

Only with deepening doubts did he get back on his horse.

This doubt is no longer the shock of seeing the ice castle for the first time,

But under this ice,

What she saw was not the lake, but the hideous and terrifying black fog!

From the appearance of that wall of white mist, Anna felt that this place was strange everywhere.

But she also thought that the person she must not forget was right here,

I couldn't help but rise up infinite courage in my heart!

Anna's eyes, looking at the ice castle in the middle of the lake,

I guessed in my heart that Xia Wen might be inside.

After determining that the lake is walkable,

Anna no longer hesitated,

Riding a horse, he carefully walked slowly towards the center of the lake.

After a long time,

Anna rode on a horse,

Standing less than five meters outside the Ice Castle, he stopped walking forward.

The reason for staying is that Anna has found a strange place again.

In the bitter cold wind,

Anna always heard a few low voices in her ears from time to time,

As crisp as a warbler's cry, it is ever-changing, as if it contains the sound of infinite emotion.

Anna swallowed a mouthful of spit,

Slowly pinch out the pendant hidden in the chest,

Hands clasped tightly,

Until I felt the warmth coming from the pendant,

Her heart gradually settled down.

Anna took a deep breath,

He muttered:

"Xia Wen is inside, Xia Wen is inside, don't be afraid!"

"Sister Elsa, magic bless, the demons and monsters leave quickly!!"

"Don't let me encounter something terrible...."

Anna finished cheering herself up, took a deep breath, lifted her guts, and walked slowly into the ice castle.

Just entered the castle,

In Anna's ears, there was a staccato whisper again.

She couldn't help but feel a jump in her heart!

The "whoosh" retracted out the door...

For a while,

Anna raised her guts again and looked in.

After seeing that there is nothing strange inside,

Only then did he pluck up the courage and firmly enter the gate of the castle.

The low groans in her ears still echoed intermittently,

But Anna didn't care so much, raised her voice, and was in the ice castle,

Crisp shouted:

"Anyone?! Is anyone there?! "

"Xia Wen, Xia Wen, are you there?! I.. I... I'm Anna, I'm coming for you! "

The little girl shouted and cowered, searching in the hall.

She felt that only by shouting out could she give herself courage and not be frightened.

Sure enough,

It didn't take long in Anna's shout,

The intermittent sound disappeared without a trace.

As if it never existed,

Everything is just her hallucination .....

This ice castle is very big.

Want to find it on the first floor,

It's hard to do without a few minutes.

And that's what these minutes are.

On the ice bed on the top floor of the Ice Castle,

With Anna's sudden voice!

Xia Wen and Elsa, who are doing bad things, are both one by one!

Before Xia Wen could react,

Elsa pushed Xia Wen's hand away,

The "poof" teleported to a distance of a few meters away from him,

Ice magic quickly transformed into clothing on her body,

Attached to the entire white flower body, covered tightly!

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Xia Wencai suddenly reacted, what kind of situation is this.

He wanted to cry and shook the sea water on his hand,

Forcibly suppress your impulses and calm down,

Some thieves whispered to Elsa with a weak heart:

"It's not... Why is my family Anna? "

"Why didn't you tell me?"

Anna glanced at Xia Wen's hand and forcibly returned her body that was still a little convulsive to normal,

Trying to calm his trembling voice, he whispered:

"How do I know why Anna came over?!"

"Obviously I didn't tell her at all that I would come to the Kingdom of Highglen..."

Listen to the words of Elsa,

Xia Wen came to bite his finger and think,

But as soon as the hand was put to the mouth, the tip of the nose sniffed,

He put it down silently, and then said:

"That's not right, didn't you say that Anna's memory was blurred?"

"Logically, she shouldn't remember me, why did she call my name?"

Elsa slapped her face with ice magic,

Let the abnormal red on the cheeks quickly return to its original shape.

After she finished this, she stood up, gave Xia Wen a coquettish look, and urged:

"Don't ask so much why, the question now is, what should we do when we get there?" Can't just go on like this..."

After the initial panic, Xia Wen

On the contrary, I felt that it was not a big deal, and there was even some joy and joy in my heart.

He stood up, straightened his clothes, covered the red marks on his body, and said awe-inspiringly:

"What's this! Anna came over, I couldn't be happy! "

"Ahem, I'll go down and pick her up, you wait, don't be afraid~"

Saying that, Xia Wen stepped forward and prepared to leave,

This action made Elsa panic instantly!

The eyes can no longer maintain such a strong composure,

She stepped forward and grabbed Xia Wen's arm,

helplessly accusing his mouth and neck, as well as the whole body,

Frowning and asking in a low voice:

"It's good to say that it didn't leak out, how do you explain this mouth and neck to Anna?"

Xia Wen waved his hand indifferently,

Then pinched Elsa's noble little face,

Gently took her hand away and walked slowly out the door,

The voice floated in mid-air and reached Elsa's ears:

"What can you say, if Anna asks, she will say that she was gnawed by a pig,"

"It looks pretty similar anyway~"

Looking at Xia Wen's dashing departing back, Elsa covered her face, a little wanted to cry without tears,

For a while, I didn't know what to say.

Himself quietly came to the kingdom of Heglen,

I thought it was seamless,

Anna will definitely wait for her to go back.

But she really didn't expect that her sister's thoughts were the same as hers, and she also came quietly.

It's really my own sister, my thoughts are really synchronized....

But to say how flustered,

In fact, after Elsa calmed down,

There is no such panic of being caught in bed.

It's just that the atmosphere just now is too beautiful, plus Xia Wen is stirring the seawater.

Caused Elsa's head to be groggy for a while,

After hearing Anna's voice,

If you are not careful, you will be scared to 260 heaven.

It is precisely because of this that Elsa has a sense of guilt,

Let her convulsive, involuntarily panic....

But now that I think about it, it doesn't seem like a big deal.

In the past, when her parents were still around, Elsa might take care of his and Anna's identities.

But now that he is an emperor, Xia Wen is in this country, and he will most likely become an emperor in the future.

In that case, then who dares to say anything more?

It's a big deal to let Anna come and be the queen of this country,

Let Xia Wen go to her to become the royal husband of Arendelle.

With her relationship with Anna, if they can't share happiness together, then what kind of sisters are they?

As for later...

Regarding the question of who is big and small between her and Anna, there is no need to think at all, anyway, Anna is already a sister ....

The more Elsa thought about it, the more it made sense, and the more confident she thought about it,

In the end, the bad things she and Xia Wen did just now were automatically ignored.

Elsa just felt a little guilty,

Not just to his own sister,

Also in the face of Xia Wen.

After all, I was just happy.

But Xia Wen helped her be happy and work hard for so long,

And before his own happiness could begin, Anna came.


The foreplay has just ended, and Xia Wen has not had time to take her blood...

There are really some guilts and regrets...

"Alas.... The time is not right, but I... Morning and evening are all yours .."

Elsa spoke to herself,

Although she can't be blamed for this, there is still something unsatisfied in Elsa's heart.

The hand is the hand after all, and the mouth is the mouth after all, and no matter how it is, it cannot replace that thing.

Elsa lay quietly on the cold bed,

Carefully savoring and contrasting in his heart, his own hand and Xia Wen's hand,

I can't help but think in my heart, it's all the same action and frequency, why is the gap so big?

And in the crankiness of our Majesty Elsa,

Xia Wen was already down the stairs,

Slowly walked downstairs.

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 71

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