Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 73

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 73


This scene made Elsa, who was peeping upstairs, cover her face facelessly.

It's really worthy of being a sister, even the bite position is the same.

This strong sense of immediacy made her feel a pang of shame in her heart, but she couldn't help but want to peek.

Elsa stretched out a finger and looked down in distress,

She always felt that Anna's appearance looked, so silly and good,

It's hard to bear to look at it directly:

But when I think about it again, I don't seem to be much better,

And just upstairs, she couldn't help biting,

In contrast, Elsa wants to dig a crack in the ground and get into it, and she doesn't see anyone anymore!

And below the ice castle,

It didn't take long for you to do so.

Anna covered her sore teeth,

Hate left Xia Wen's shoulders.

Her eyes were glued to the tooth mark on Xia Wen's shoulder,

On it, except for her little tooth mark,

And a tooth mark that has long appeared on it,

And around the shoulders, the red spots like lip prints,

It is even more lifelike, as if it appeared just a moment ago.

In Anna's heart, she couldn't help but think of the one that appeared in the ice castle,

That empty intermittent low groan....

Now it sounds like the weird feeling is gone.

On the contrary, there was a familiar feeling for that voice.

When the love flower brain disappears,

All kinds of clues converged in Anna's mind,

Elsa's sudden departure... Carol's weird eyes... Extremely cold weather... Frozen castles...

And that delicate whisper... Xia Wen's red, swollen and dry mouth... and the body with erythema all over ...

The most important thing is,

The shape of that tooth mark and lip print on his shoulder 523,

Compare Elsa's lips and teeth again.

The truth... It seems to have been revealed!

Elsa, who was upstairs, saw this silent scene of Anna,

I'm still thinking about what will happen next,

When things that can make her feel immersed, but extremely embarrassed and embarrassed,

Anna downstairs suddenly looked up!

Shouted loudly in a brittle voice:

"Elsa, Elsa!! I know you must have come here!! "

"Where are you? Upstairs? Come down quickly! "


Upstairs, Elsa was shocked!

The look that was still eating melons just now suddenly panicked!

Anna, this guy, don't warm up with Xia Wen, why did she suddenly call her?!

Elsa looked at Anna's big eyes, quickly turned her head, and "pedaled" and retreated into the corner.

"Calm down... Anna just called me, nothing..."

Elsa kept comforting herself in her heart,

Immediately, he adjusted his facial expression properly to reveal a light and gentle smile.

Came back to the railing on the roof, waved at Anna, and said with a smile:

"Ahem: Hi ~ so coincidental Anna, you are here too~"

"Wait a minute, I'll come down right away."

Saying that, Elsa watched Anna look back at her,

His calm eyes flickered slightly, and he turned away from her line of sight, seemingly calmly walking down the ice and snow stairs.

It's just that this speed is getting slower and slower...

Anna downstairs pursed her lips and looked at the sister who made the voice was really on it,

Another glance at Xia Wen's ruined body,

I couldn't help but feel a little aggrieved in my heart.

After recovering her memory, she still remembers the hooks that everyone pulled together when they were children.

Say yes in the future, no matter what you do with Xia Wen,

Both sisters are going to be together....

But now...

Her Xia Wen seems to have been ruined by Elsa one step ahead...

Looking at the scarred appearance on his shoulder,

Echoing in my ears, Aisha is scattered in the ice and snow,

A low groan of pain and pleasure...

Anna only felt that these two people took advantage of her amnesia,

Already betrayed the revolutionary friendship with her!

Elsa was annoyed in her heart, but she completely forgot that she was also carrying Elsa and quietly came to the Helenger Kingdom,

Isn't the purpose of turning Xia Wen into what she sees?

Both sisters have strange thoughts,

Ignored Xia Wen for the time being.

When Elsa slowly stepped on her ice and snow high heels, held her ice blue long skirt, and came downstairs,

With an inexplicable look, he collided with his sister.

Xia Wen was sandwiched in the middle, feeling an electric current before and after, passing through his body, making him feel a little numb in his scalp.

And that's exactly what happened.

Elsa and Anna have been with each other for so many years,

You can already communicate some information through the eyes of the other party.

Anna stared at Elsa for a while,

Then he looked at her red mouth again, his gaze moved to Xia Wen's shoulder, and then he looked at Elsa.

But this time, the part I saw was the mysterious area under her navel.

Then he turned his head and looked at the same part of Xia Wen,

The meaning contained in his eyes is already self-evident.

Elsa looked at her sister's inquiring eyes,

The pupils turned, first nodded, and then looked at a certain place in Xia Wen, and shook his head decisively.

When Elsa finished expressing her meaning,

But I saw Anna's suspicious look,

I wanted to explain something,

But thinking of myself for a while, I did go to heaven,

It's a little embarrassing that I can't open my mouth....

At this time, the role of the tool man Xia Wen is reflected,

Although I haven't seen two girls for many years,

But the habit from childhood to adulthood,

It should be understood, Xia Wen really understands.

He stepped forward and pecked Anna on the lips unceremoniously,

Then he put his arm around her and came to Elsa,

His attitude was expressed in the same way of kissing.

When the two sisters were slightly embarrassed, covering their lips,

Xia Wencai said triumphantly:

"Ahem, the sky is just right, the atmosphere is just right, the time is still so early, it's better for us to be together..."



Before Xia Wen's words were finished, the voices of the queen and princess suddenly sounded!

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Looking at the expressions of the two sisters,

Xia Wen knew that his wishful thinking would not work for the time being.

However, Xia Wen was not discouraged, and after a short silence in the atmosphere,

He smiled and continued:

"Why don't we have a good chat together, what interesting things have happened around us over the years?"

Listening to Xia Wen's words, Anna breathed a sigh of relief in her heart,

She also thought that this guy would say something wolf~

But if you have a good chat, it is indeed what Anna is willing to see.

She wants to share her happiness with Xia Wen, and she also wants Xia Wen to share his experience over the years with herself. "


Elsa, who was hugged by Xia Wen's left hand on the side, looked a little strange.

It's okay to talk about it,

I'm afraid to chat.... It was eaten by the big bad wolf.

Of course, this kind of words, Elsa will never say.

After all, she is the model representative under Xia Wen's words,

Chatting and being eaten...

If she said it, wouldn't that really hammer her Elsa and be coaxed into the ice and snow bed?

So in the end,

Xia Wen forced a smile, pulled Elsa with his left hand, held Anna with his right hand, and strolled to the roof together,

I went back to the top floor and went into the window room.

Lying on a big bed of ice and snow that still has a little water stain...

Late at night,

The low groan of the strange oriole bird,

In the snow and ice on the shores of the lonely Lake Hult,

It echoed intermittently for half a night.

It's just that this time there is one more oriole bird,

The sound is getting brighter and more moving,


The next morning,

Xia Wen stretched his waist and opened his eyes from the big ice bed,

Looking at the right lying in his arms,

With a sweet smile on his face,

Anna like a little lazy cat,

A bright smile appeared at the corner of his mouth.

Turn your head again,

Looking at Tranquil asleep, hands on the abdomen,

Elsa, who also has a gentle smile on her face,

There was a burst of satisfaction in my heart.

Although yesterday on the evening,

Xia Wen did not succeed in the true sense,

But at some point,

When Anna saw the red scars all over Xia Wen's body,

The energy in my heart that did not admit defeat burst out,

Put your own face and the shyness of your heart,

Directly thrown out of cloud nine!

Pulling Elsa, who was extremely embarrassed and embarrassed on the side, had to try it with her.

So this night of Xia Wen,

Just when their sisters are united, their two heavens of ice and fire that break gold,

Spent comfortably.

Thinking about yesterday's night,

Xia Wen stretched out his hand and wiped it on the lips of the two girls,

Then with a wave of his big hand, he withdrew the layer of warm flame that shrouded the cold ice bed.

Immediately, a stream of heat condensed and patted Anna's body.

Doing so allows her to feel warm without being bothered by the cold.

Ten minutes later,

Xia Wen carefully moved the two girls who slept next to him slightly.

Stood up, covered his somewhat sore waist, and came to the window.

He looked out the window at the white snow and the cold wind,

A slight sigh in his heart.

Just yesterday night, when the three of them were crazy to the extreme and ready to sleep,

In his head, came the ruthless voice of the system.

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 73

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