Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 74

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 74

[(Frozen 1) The world plot has ended, the plot participation is 60%, and the world channel coordinates have been recorded in the system. 】

[The world's total story progress has exceeded halfway, and your participation is 40%.] 】

[When entering the (Frozen II) world story, the total participation exceeds 70%, and the world two-way channel will open and be controlled by you.] 】

[Frozen II opening time: (three months - (based on the real world)]

You can choose to return immediately/deferred, (Note: The latest return time cannot exceed one year.) )】

【System reminder, due to some change in your body, the system will be updated in real time, and when you return, you can experience the convenient functions of the new system.】 】


This is the systematic dialogue that appeared in Xia Wen's mind yesterday evening,

Without any hesitation, he directly chose ~ postponed his return.

After Xia Wen recovered his memory, he already knew that this day would come,

I just didn't expect it to come so suddenly.

Fortunately, you can wait a year before going back.

And in the system's memory of Xia Wen's transmission,

When he went back,

It's still the day when reality comes.

The flow of time will only begin when the world story ends.

And in terms of system countdown, in less than three months, the world of Frozen II will open.

He Xiawen can return to this place again,

Get engagement to 70 percent,

Then the two-way passage of the world will open,

When the time comes,

He can take Anna and Elsa back and forth between reality and the otherworld,

Enjoy the joy of modern scientific and technological civilization together!

But this matter, you still have to think about how to tell them....

The most important thing is that during this period,

And how to be tactful and not beaten,

Say that you will go to other worlds,

Is there a chance of encountering other beautiful women?

It's really distressing...

Xia Wen's heart is really not big,

In this world, he only pretended to be two sisters, Anna and Elsa.

Since meeting these two, he has hardly paid attention to other women,

In the past few years, nobles who fancy his strength to ask for relatives are everywhere.

And in the war, Xia Wen also met countless beautiful women who were displaced.

But he just couldn't see it,

My heart thought about the two young cabbages in the house, which had just been separated by his bite.

What other mind is there to pay attention to another woman...

But... As for other worlds,

Xia Wen is not sure if he will be in the passage of time,

Another heart of love....

Xia Wen saw himself very clearly from the bottom of his heart,

He thinks he's probably the kind of person he belongs to.

The flower heart may be true,

But love is also real.

If you want scum, you want slag for clear and clear people.

Of course, the most important thing is that the world is not the same, and he can reduce a lot of concerns.

After all, his target is Disney's princess,

and other anime heroines in the world.

There is a system that travels through the dimension of time and space,

Xia Wenzhen doesn't care about liking another girl,

You have to think about yourself to pursue it like this,

Is it sorry for other girls who fall in love with themselves, this boring question.

He's a man,

He meant it.

He will not abandon,

With these three points, that's enough.

Cherish the present and believe in a better future, this is Xia Wen's wish.

The cold wind by the window is a little harsh,

But within one meter of touching Xia Wen's body, it would dissipate without a trace.

After Xia Wen cleared his thoughts,

With a smile on his face again, he returned to the bed.

At this time, Elsa had woken up.

She opened her big hazy eyes and looked at the sky with some distraction.

It seems that he has just opened his eyes and has not fully woken up.

And on Elsa's body, Anna didn't know when she had already hugged her.

Leaning on Elsa's full chest, with crystal saliva at the corner of her mouth, she was still sleeping soundly.

Xia Wen looked at this scene with a smile, and his heart was extremely warm.

This is what he has been doing for the past five years.

A scene I've always longed to see.

Now I finally see it again, and they are all over sixteen, and the girls who are developing are really eye-catching~

Xia Wen looked at it, and the smile at the corner of his mouth suddenly froze!

He looked carefully at what came out of the corners of Anna's mouth,

After confirming his guess,

A little embarrassed, he stepped forward, came to Anna, and gently wiped it again.

At this time, Elsa also woke up from her distraction.

She covered her mouth and hit a hatcher,

Then the little nose sniffed, and his brows suddenly wrinkled!

After seeing Xia Wen come over to wipe the corners of Anna's mouth,

Elsa pouted and glanced sideways at Xia Wen.

With the wave of Bai Zhe's slender arm,

Suddenly, two small starlight balls wrapped in cold ice appeared in the air. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Elsa opened her small mouth, "whimpered", and ate the magic ice ball gracefully,

With the cold magic water source, after the washing in the mouth, the fishy smell disappeared.

Elsa's brows finally stretched,

She turned around weakly, opened Elsa's little mouth, and also fed her a magic ball,

Only then did he lie down holding Anna again, and Mu Ran looked back,

With those eyes of confused love, he quietly looked at Xia Wen.

A bright smile appeared at the corner of Xia Wen's mouth,

He stepped forward, sat on the edge of the bed, also put his arm around Elsa, and said gently:

"Good morning, my Majesty~"

"Morning ~ my favorite ~ Lord Knight~"

Listening to Elsa's naughty words, Xia Wen stretched out his hand, played with her silky long hair, and quipped:

"You just got that little ball, give me a one, when I wake up in the morning, my mouth stinks."



Elsa pushed Xia Wen with the back of her head, and said angrily:

"Bah! You bad guy, I thought Anna and I would stink! "

"It's not that you stuffed yesterday... Hum! Not moderation at all! "

"Also, the ice ball is to absorb the smelly thing you left in our mouths, and it will eventually enter the stomach, are you sure you want to try it?"

"Myself... Eat your own? "

Listening to Elsa's words, Xia Wen's face was stunned,

Then scratched his head and said a little embarrassed:

Ask for flowers

"Forget it, I'll just drink seawater, hehe..."

"Bah! That's sweet! "

"Hahahaha, Anna's blueberry flavor, yours is strawberry flavor, I like it, okay~"

Aisha glanced at Xia Wen,

I looked down at Anna, who was asleep, smashing her mouth, and seemed to want to bite something,

A tired smile appeared on his face,

After a long time, Elsa sighed,

He took his gaze away from Anna's body and whispered to Xia Wen:

"When Hegren re-establishes the country, you will marry Anna first."

"She's been waiting for you too long, too long..."

"Although Anna is like a carefree child, she always hides the most painful side of her heart from us."

"She... In fact, I have grown up for a long time, and I have always hoped that my Prince Charming can appear in front of her and marry her..."

"I want to meet her little request..."


Xia Wen listened to Elsa reading everything about Anna,

There were no words, just rubbing her long hair and listening quietly.

Elsa, as Anna's sister and only relative,

In many things, she was in front and carried Anna with the weight.

Since she was a child, although Anna has always been very well-behaved, she will also share everything with Elsa.

But there is no absolute equality in this world, and many things will come first.

It's like taking a wife.

Who did Xia Wen marry first, and who did he marry second,

Whether in their own hearts or in the hearts of others,

The meaning of the connotation and representation is completely different.

Xia Wen also thought about marrying the two at the same time,

But this kind of thing, he can't say.

Because it is disrespectful to a woman, to a fantasy of a good marriage.

Although with the relationship between Elsa and Anna, Xia Wen felt that this situation should not occur,

But the world is impermanent, and who can predict the future?

So after listening to Elsa's words, Xia Wen finally just leaned on her head, sniffing the faint fragrance on her hair,

Nodded and said softly:

"All listen to you...."

Elsa blinked her slightly dim eyes,

A smile reappeared on the corners of his mouth, and he said nothing more.

She also leaned back in Xia Wen's arms and enjoyed this warm scene.

And what the two of them don't know is that

Anna, who was still smashing her mouth just now, had slowly closed it at this time.

The slightly trembling eyelashes also seemed to reveal a certain emotion in her heart.

Ten minutes later,

"Aaaaa I'm up!! "

"Another day full of vitality!!"

"Good morning ~~"

When Anna turned over, reached out and rubbed her eyes, and shouted good morning in a brittle voice,

This warm atmosphere also brings a touch of agility and youthfulness.

The three of them played on the ice bed for a while,

In the end, they still put away their messy clothes,

Clean up some strange liquids and hairs in the room,

Only then was Anna led left and right and left the room.

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 74

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