Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 80

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 80

The more Xia Wen thought about it, the more excited his heart became,

This great world of convergence,

He really likes it more and more!

"Hmm! Decided, find Mulan first and meet this most special princess. "

Xia Wen set a goal in his heart,

For the female general who only appeared in history,

He really wanted to meet him.

With the caresses of the breeze,

Xia Wen's ears suddenly moved slightly,

He spit out the small grass in his mouth, opened his eyes, looked at the guards who had already run, and asked softly:

"How? Who are they? "

"Report Your Highness, there are a total of three people who killed the Xiongnu leader this time!"

"They are the general Li He, the general Chang Shengbian Gong Leyu, and a recruit named Wei Ange."

"What? Wei An Song?! Last name Wei? Are you sure? "

"Yes, Your Highness, this is reported directly from below, there is no omission."

Xia Wen's eyes widened, and his mind was a little confused,

He didn't expect that the recruit was actually called Wei Ange.

"Guessed wrong?"

His face twitched,

Just brained the other party's women's clothing for so long,

The moment the battlefield looked at each other, there was a loss in my heart and I moved.

Now I was actually told

The other party is not surnamed Hua?!

Xia Wen felt more uncomfortable than this than eating Xiang!

"Lean! What a shame! "

He cursed secretly in his heart, and said without raising his head:

"Okay, now gather the whole army, find more than twenty people who killed the enemy, and give them a reward for their meritorious deeds!" "

"Take out all the gold and silver jewelry I brought and reward this thing, I will do it myself!"


After the guards left, Xia Wen sat under the tree for a long time,

Until the guards came forward to inform the people that they had arrived,

He eased his mind, stood up, bowed down and picked up a stone from under the big tree, and smashed it towards the river!


As the water splashes, the stone sinks into the water,

The little bit of caution in Xia Wen's heart also dissipated.

And then he turned around.

Stride towards the martial arts arena!

Ten minutes later,

Martial arts arena, high stage.

Xia Wen sat on the gold-encrusted tiger chair, and on the left and right stood the general and the prime minister,

The great eunuch Tian Gongzheng in front was representing him, tirelessly talking nonsense.

Around the tiger chair, there are more than a dozen boxes of gold and silver jewelry,

The open lid exudes an incomparably bright and alluring pearlescent aura inside.

After Tian Gonggong finished speaking, he took a distressed look at the treasure for his own master,

Turning his head, with a hint of reluctance, he took out the book in his hand and read in the voice of the male duck:

"Chang Shengbian will bow Leyu, this time kill forty-three enemies, the leader of the Xiongnu is the first, plus the official rank level, quickly step forward to receive the reward!"

"Recruit Wei Ange, this time killed sixty-three enemies, the leader of the Xiongnu is the first, plus the third rank of official rank, quickly step forward to receive the reward!"


With the sound of words on meritorious deeds,

Nine soldiers who were drawn up and rewarded by the prince himself took to the high platform.

In front of tens of thousands of soldiers, give their glory.


After seeing these people coming up,

Xia Wen's eyebrows were raised,

His eyes narrowed slightly, and he carefully looked at the nine people who came on stage,

Then, focusing on this recruit named Wei Ange,

That seemingly kind smile also brought a touch of anger.

Shane did not immediately summon them forward, but turned to Li He on the side and asked softly:

"General, what is the identity of this Wei Ange?"

Li He turned his head and glanced at Wei Ange, a trace of doubt flashed in his eyes, and answered truthfully:

"Your Highness, this person is a foreign relative of Jiankang Yan's family, and when he joined the army, Yanxiang specially brought him to see me."

Listening to Li He's explanation, Xia Wen's heart suddenly became clear.

On the side, the prime minister Yan Hanyan was happy in his heart, and a smile appeared on his face.

If he can be personally named by the prince, then his wave of operations can be regarded as not in vain!

But he hadn't laughed for three seconds.

Xia Wen's next words almost made him lose his soul!

I saw Xia Wen looking ahead with a smile, and I don't know who asked calmly:

"Then what punishment should be given for risking military merit and cheating the king?"

As soon as these words came out, not only Li He's eyes widened,

Everyone around who heard it was also stunned.

On the high platform, there was a sudden silence.

Xia Wen saw that no one answered, so he spoke leisurely again:

"I remember, it was the capital crime of beheading, right?"

This time, the general Li He reacted,

He looked at Wei Ange, and then at Prime Minister Yan Han,

The doubt in his eyes also turned into such a gaze.

He didn't expect that someone would dare to risk leading military merit in front of the prince.

You know, His Royal Highness the Prince was just on the battlefield, just like the special killing god possessed,

That's a killing that turned the world upside down, turning the river and the sea!

In this case, there are still people who dare to go against the wind to commit crimes,

The most important thing is that he was actually broken by the prince at a glance, it was really his mother who was a talent...

And when the general Li He was speechless, Xia Wen had already shot the case and said angrily:

"Pull down, cut, who dares to intercede, cut together!"


Prime Minister Yan Han, who was about to open his mouth to intercede, instantly became dumb after hearing the words behind.

Only then did he react.

This prince who woke up from a coma,

He is no longer the highness he once remembered, a simple-minded and easy to deceive.

He watched his nephew, crying and being dragged down,

His eyelids trembled, but he didn't say a word of reason.

Just now I happily thought I had taken a good move,

Now he was slapped fiercely, and his heart was painfully dripping blood!

But Xia Wen on the tiger chair is in a different mood than him,

That feeling of "my careful movement is indeed right",

It didn't make Xia Wen excited in his heart!

After Wei Ange was pulled down, he immediately spoke aloud:

"Go, find out the person who was impersonated to lead the military merits, and reward her well!"

The great general Li He immediately handed over his hand:

"Yes! Chen, let's go find it! (Read violent novels, go on Feilu Fiction Network!) )

It wasn't until Li He got off the high platform that Xia Wen turned his head and glanced at Yan Han.

Converged excitement, his voice was slight, but he said undoubtedly:

"Prime Minister Yan, let's go back to the capital tonight and have a good rest at home."

Yan Han on the side, with an ugly smile on his face, did not have any rebuttal, and respectfully said:

"Yes, Chen will leave for the rest tonight."

Ten minutes later,

The great general Li He angrily led a dirty man to the high platform.

He handed the file in his hand to Xia Wen and said angrily:

"What a daredevil! Risking the merits of the army, and also punishing people to go to the horse shed to do things, it is really deceitful! Your Highness is really good to kill!! "

Xia Wen didn't answer, but looked at the dirty whole body in front of him,

In the resolute eyes, with a little grievance,

The other party was also looking at him,

It's just that it may be because of the smell on the body,

His gaze was a little evasive, and he did not dare to step forward and approach.

Xia Wen looked at her gently for a moment, and then nodded slightly, confirming that the other party was the recruit who met him on the battlefield.

But her current appearance can't help but make Xia Wen feel a little more angry!

He glared at Yan Han beside him, and he had already made a decision in his heart, and he would clean up this guy when he went back.

Then, with expectation, Xia Wen slowly opened the file in his hand,

I looked down and read the text above.


The corners of his mouth showed a bright smile.

Xia Wen stood up and walked up to the front of the stage,

In front of tens of thousands of troops, according to the words on the file, the words were recited in a correct voice:

"Hua family, Hua Mu Li!"

"This time to kill one hundred and twenty-one enemies, the leader of the Xiongnu tribe is the first, the third level of the official is added, and the reward is a thousand taels of silver!"

After speaking, Xia Wen put down the file, felt very good, and said aloud again:

"Lonely saw her riding a white horse, killing countless enemies on the battlefield, seven in and seven out of the enemy formation, as if in no man's land..."

"My heart is very relieved, so I specially appoint the white-robed general, you can lead a thousand armies, and follow me to fight!"

"Gentlemen, in my capacity as the Prince of the Xia Kingdom, I promise you that all meritorious people will be rewarded!"

"You protect our land, and I will let you achieve fame, Guangzong Yaozu!"

Xia Wenhao's voice was like a golden bell hood, pressing on everyone's body fiercely.

What a great glory and luck this must be to be valued so highly by the prince...

But Xia Wen's words later made countless soldiers begin to boil!

All kinds of excitement that were extremely noisy began to burst out in each body.

Discerning people can see that there is light in their eyes!

And Xia Wen on the stage finished saying this,

So he stepped forward and took Mulan's dirty hand,

Laughing softly, he said:

"From tomorrow, I'll learn something at my disposal."

"You don't have to go to the new barracks tent, I'll let people set up a new tent outside the marshal tent, and you can live there."

Saying that, Xia Wen sniffed the tip of his nose and said again:

"Go back and take care of it, well... It will take a while for the new tent to be set up, so you will first go to the handsome tent to clean it. "

"I'll have people bring hot water and clothes so no one will disturb you."

"This time, I really wronged you, the person who replaced you has been cut by me, don't take it to heart."

Mulan listened to the prince talking tirelessly,

The words are full of closeness and tenderness, and they are so careful,

I can't help but feel warm in my heart,

Just now, those grievances were all swept away.

"Okay, let's go change and wash first, and I'll talk to you later."

Xia Wen said, and said to the great eunuch on the side:

"Go, get everything I say, uh... Loose clothes. "

"Yes, let's go and prepare."

Mulan looked at the great eunuch who came forward, and finally spoke:

"Thank you to His Royal Highness the Crown Prince for his kindness, his subordinates are grateful, and they will die!"

"Poof... Ahem, go ahead, go. "

Xia Wen coughed twice, hiding his urge to laugh, and waved his hand for the two to leave quickly.

This Mulan, speaking in a low voice, really can't hear like a female voice, 0.7 but the tone is extremely strange, making people want to laugh at the same time, but they can also detect that this voice seems to be deliberately pretended.

Moreover, what the hell is sobs zero gratitude, it is clearly gratitude snot zero okay!

This sentence alone made Mulan's image a little more vivid in Xia Wen's heart.

He watched the other party walk off the high platform,

Only then did he return to his calm expression, sit back in the tiger chair, and officially begin the work of rewarding and encouraging.

And after ten minutes.

Handsome tent,

Mulan sneakily closed the curtain of the tent,

Then return to the deepest position in the handsome tent,

Pull the fence on the side to block the bath,

Only then did he quickly take off his clothes and untie the painful shroud.

Like a mermaid, it got into the water with a "poof",

It took a full ten seconds for her face to surface,

On a clean, handsome cheek that had been washed, it was obvious that there was an extremely satisfied look.

After a long time,

When Mulan finished cleaning, she comfortably leaned back in the barrel.

Exhaling a turbid breath in his mouth, he closed his eyes, held the water in his palm, spilled it on his delicate body, and sighed secretly in his heart:

"From home to the first time in the battlefield, it has only been more than a year..."

"Now I can actually lie in such a big tub, it seems like a dream..."

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 80

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