Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 82

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 82

Ten seconds later,

In the silent handsome tent,

Xia Wen looked at the look of "I believe you are a perverted big-headed ghost" in Mulan's eyes, and couldn't help but cover his face and smile bitterly

"Oh my God... It's really self-inflicted..."

Xia Wen rubbed her somewhat red cheeks, and in Mulan's vigilant look,

Muttering to the side, he opened a long box and took out a silver-white spear inside,

Then turned around and walked back, sat next to Mulan, and said helplessly:

"Don't look at me like that... Just really just amused you. "

"I know that you said that you like men, it was just a stopgap measure, and as soon as I didn't hold back, I wanted to tease you."

"I, Xia Wentang, the prince of a country, countless stunning beauties don't look for it, how can I yearn for the good of that Longyang!"

"Also, you beat it too, it's all my fault."

Saying that, Xia Wen handed over the long gun in his hand and put it on her hand in Mulan's reluctant eyes.

"Okay, don't talk about that, you just need to know, if I really like men, with a lonely position, can your ass run away?"

"Come, take the gun, this gun is called Lanqing You Dragon Lance, the name is now made up by me, and I will give it to you now."

After saying these words, Xia Wen waved his hand:

"Go back, take a rest, from tomorrow, you don't have to go to the barracks to train, just follow me."

Mulan took the long gun in her hand, pouted and stood up, did not say much, just formulaically thanked her:

"Thank you Your Highness for the gift, Mu Li went back, and will come back tomorrow to harass His Highness."

After the courtesy, Mulan didn't look at Xia Wen again, turned around and left the handsome tent and returned to her small tent.

As soon as she entered the tent, Mulan's tight little fist suddenly relaxed,

She put this weapon called Lanqing You Dragon Lance aside, casually,

Then with both hands, he slammed down on the bed, rolling left and right,

The face that faintly emerged from the futon, but his face was shy and ruddy, and his expression was strange and unspeakable.

Mulan recalled the tiger and wolf words that this guy said,

His face couldn't help but blush a little.

Her current identity....

But man!!

It's not the kind of pretty widow who thinks about men all the time!!

How can they talk all night long?

No... The question is two men, how can they talk all night?

This picture was beyond Mulan's imagination, and she couldn't bear to look at it directly.

Although he was too impulsive in the end, his small fist swung out disobediently, with a look of shame and indignation on his face, but in his heart he regretted and feared death.

Fortunately, that guy didn't cut people without saying a word, which made Mulan's regretful mentality fade.

And then the prince said that this was a teasing word, which also made her heart settle a little.

Whether true or not, as the other party said,

With his status as the prince of the Great Xia Dynasty, even if she really had that hobby, she had to obediently go over and get beaten in the evening.

But if it's just teasing her, then this prince is inevitably too frivolous, right?

Mulan's original inherent image of him has collapsed again, and I don't know what it has become.

What Mulan is thinking about now is not to follow the prince to make meritorious achievements,

Instead, he is thinking about how to protect his ass in the future and prevent the other party from detecting his gender.

The prince's big hand that had just taken his shoulder, the hot palm, had already touched the bottom of his clothes.

You know, she's not wrapped around a shroud now!

In case the other party is not careful... No, I deliberately went to grab it.

Pain aside, it's 100% dewy!

"Aaaaa!!!a Why did you meet such a prince!!! "

"God, you return my perfect Crown Prince!!!

Mulan was on the bed, rolling around with her long legs, and her loose clothes were messy,

The spring color that appeared all over the house, but no one saw it.

After a long time, she stopped holding the pillow and muttered:

"Woo~ Be careful, wrap the shroud tomorrow, so that he can't detect it."

"If His Highness really likes men, then if my identity is exposed, won't I really die?"

"If I can't go to fencing, how will he clean me up?"

"Alas... Father, Mother... Mulan is tired..."

And on the other side,

Xia Wen was already sitting on the tiger chair,

I thought back to the interesting scene just now.

It may be misunderstood, but it's really interesting...

The reason why Xia Wen did not break the identity of the other party as a woman,

It is good that in the future to "big men are not small. Festival" reason, go and tease Mulan more.

If in the future, Mulan thinks that her identity is not exposed,

and he Xia Wen developed into a long conversation all night,

So what kind of thought would it be in her mind?

It's exciting to think about!

"I'm really looking forward to it..."

Xia Wen thought about the scene for a while,

It wasn't until the guards came in to inform things that they stood up and walked out of the tent to deal with the killing of the Xiongnu and the Zhujingguan.

On the night,

Xia Wen returned to the handsome tent, sat down on the tiger chair, and thought about his next plan.

In Bactria Dynasty, the existence of magic (spells) is not disgusted.

But as a prince, in full view of everyone, he had to have a reasonable explanation to block everyone's mouth.

In Charvin's vision,

After destroying the Xiongnu this time, he returned directly to the royal capital, and then went to the Warcraft Forest.

It is rumored that everyone who entered the Warcraft Forest came out alive,

will acquire a peculiar ability,

Although it is only a rumor,

But in his capacity, it is enough to explain.

Moreover, Xia Wen also wants to see,

In this Warcraft forest,

In the end, is there Princess Bell,

Beauty and the beast, if so, why can't that beast be his Xiawen?

After all... The ability he gained this time is not ordinary...

And just kill two birds with one stone, not only can verify their guesses about the location of the princess, but also show their ability naturally, why not?

And then he can go and solve those alien knights.

Start your own search for the sleeping Snow White and Kawaii's long-haired Princess Lepe.

Isn't this wonderful journey of the unknown what he is looking forward to?

If during this period, the ancestral dragon barrier is opened,

You can also abandon the plan and enter it.

Go and see what the other world is like.

The world of Dragon Valley is not weaker than the charm of collecting princesses, which makes people addicted and unable to extricate themselves.

Between thoughts,

Xia Wen slowly raised his left hand,

The palm condensed a flame,

And then the palm of the hand began to change gradually.

Patches of black scale armor covered it, sharp claws prominent, but the scales had already covered the whole body.

When the flame is gradually extinguished,

Xia Wen's appearance at this time has completely changed.

At this time, his physical appearance is no longer related to humans,

Two palm-sized horns popped up on the head,

A pair of black wings also grew on the back,

At the tail, a tail that exudes a pitch-black metallic sheen also begins to swing,

The crisp crash hit the chair, as if it was not a blow of flesh and blood, but a collision of steel.

Xia Wen stood up, came to the copper mirror on the side, and looked at himself in the mirror, with a little strange expression.

The world he crossed this time obtained a special bloodline,

The name of this bloodline is - Half-Dragon Bloodline.

When Xia Wen opens this form, he will become a half-dragon.

Whether it was his speed strength or defense, it had once again increased by a level.

Without even holding a weapon, you can turn your hand into a sharp dragon claw and eventually smash your enemies.

The most important thing is that he also has the ability to fly!

This is an ability that Xia Wen has always dreamed of,

A man who can only walk on the ground,

Able to soar and fly in the sky,

What an amazing experience it would be!

What Xia Wen is thinking about now is,

Wait for him to adapt to a period of time when the bloodline opens,

And during this time period, she grew up with Mulan and became a female general who could stand alone.

After that, he can go deep into the Xiongnu tribe alone,

Destroy all of them, solve the scourge of this Great Xia, and go back early.

At this time, Xia Wen set it within three months.

In other words, in these three months, he will completely familiarize himself with his new dragon form body,

And those Huns will be subjected to the last three months of! (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

Xia Wen looked at himself in front of the copper mirror for a while,

Only then did he slowly retract his bloodline form and change back to his human form.

He changed the clothes that had been torn, and in the tub that Mulan had soaked, he rewashed and soaked for a while.

Then get up, pick up the golden silk with a little fragrance of magnolia on the side, and some undried golden silk, and dry your body.

Although dog men can evaporate body surface water on their own,

But after he saw the undried golden silk, he decisively ignored this ability.

After wiping comfortably, Xia Wen returned to the bed,

Closing his eyes, thinking about fencing with Mulan, he fell into a deep sleep.

In the following period, the barracks army entered a state of recuperation.

Xia Wen has a lot of trivia these days,

It is necessary not only to build the head of the Xiongnu, but also to purge the generals in the army, and replace them all with capable people.

Moreover, during this period, it was also necessary to discuss with the generals how to counterattack the Xiongnu.

Regarding the last thing to counterattack the Xiongnu, in Xia Wen's vision, it was not just to familiarize himself with his own bloodline and help Mulan's growth.

After Xia Wen saw the combat effectiveness of these soldiers, he decided to let this army hone it,

Otherwise, it's really too special a waste to bear to look at directly.

Except for a small number of veterans, all other soldiers, it can be said that they are nothing but a warm blood,

It will take a few years to hone on the battlefield to become a bloody warrior.

However, although Xia Wen is very busy during this time, no matter where he is, he will take Mulan with him,

Any military secrets and methods and countermeasures were not hidden from each other, and they only hoped that Mulan could grow faster.

Xia Wen is not a person who likes to interfere with the growth of other people's personality,

Mulan herself has a character that he admires very much.

Whether in historical animation or film and television,

Mulan's eventual growth experience will become a battle-hardened general, a marquis and a prime minister, and a glorious ancestor.

Therefore, Xia Wen also hopes to see that Mulan can grow naturally and become a general who is independent,

Instead of him Xia Wen directly stepped forward to take it down and abducted home to be a little daughter-in-law,

Let her recite the three virtues and four virtues during the day, and obediently pout and be beaten in the evening.

This is very beautiful for Xia Wen, but it is tantamount to a very 1ow move.

A Mulan who has not grown up with her own experience is not a perfect Disney princess and will no longer be a legendary historical figure.

Xia Wen didn't want such a thing to happen, the little daughter-in-law and the female general, he wanted both.

Moreover, this time is different from the world in Frozen,

When the system was not updated at that time, he lost all memories of the plot, and was reincarnated as a child.

But fortunately, his changes to Elsa and Anna are all positive,

And during the years he left,

Without the influence of Xia Wen's side, Anna and Elsa have their own growth experience and formed their own personalities,

In the end, he became the well-behaved and lively Princess Anna he was familiar with, and the cold and noble Queen Elsa.

In the time before Xia Wen left, he suffered the mixed pressure of the two of them with all their strength, so that he has not completely recovered until now.

But to get back to business,

During this time, Xia Wen and Mulan gradually became familiar, and the two sides no longer had the strangeness at the beginning,

Moreover, under the time that Mulan and Xia Wen got along, her awe for the superior gradually dissipated under Xia Wen's peaceful and cordial attitude, and she began to regard Xia Wen as a friend with a noble status.

Regarding Mulan's change, Xia Wen was very satisfied.

It's just that he thinks,

Maybe the incident that happened in the tent on the first day was too impressive to her, plus there was a filter for the first time the two met,

Let Mulan still believe that Xia Wen has that strange hobby.

As long as she found that Xia Wen was quietly looking at her, Mulan would subconsciously cover her ass, not knowing what was going on in her head...

In this regard, Xia Wen said helplessly,

I can only look at my nose and nose, and ignore her behavior.

After all, the skin is white, beautiful and long-legged, and has a good and fertile belly, and it is okay for a man to glance at it, isn't this normal?

Although life is a little depressing,

But it has to be said,

The daily life of the legendary female general, such an interesting thing, every day is quite pleasant.

As time goes by,

Before I knew it, a month and a half had passed.

And the leisurely days are coming to an end.

A month and a half after Xia Wen came to the Great World of Fusion,

In a separate training ground.

At this time, Xia Wen was holding a black (Li Mozhao) golden spear, constantly defending Mulan's attack in front.

In this month and a half,

The relationship between Xia Wen and Mulan has become friends,

At his strong request, Mulan finally reluctantly changed her voice back to neutral,

No more that low, deliberate and eccentric voice.

Two people from a month ago,

Start learning from each other in this place.

Xia Wen did not use any ability,

It's just simple and Mulan to confirm the marksmanship she has learned.

I have to say that the martial arts handed down by Mulan's family are indeed very valuable to learn.

This is very similar to the marksmanship knowledge he learned in the world of Frozen,

But it is more systematic, and there are more places to check for gaps.

Xia Wen at this time,

is easily defending Mulan's attack,

It's just that his seemingly understated face is actually a little cold sweat.

Without him, the main thing is that Mulan's attack is too tricky,

The attack of the tip of the gun will always appear from time to time, and Xia Wen does not expect it.

If it weren't for his reaction speed, he would have completely surpassed Mulan by one level,

Perhaps, it will really capsize in the gutter.

Xia Wen is bloody today,

A big red dress was placed there,

The two made an agreement,

As long as Mulan can break Xia Wen's clothes with a gun, even if she wins!

Those who win must wear this beautiful big red dress and treat the losers as a little boy for the day.

Xia Wen's evil taste that he had been holding for a month finally began today!

The two were attacking each other, and they were still mocking each other in their mouths:

"Mulan, the time for a blaze of incense is almost up, have you not eaten? It seems that today you are destined for women's clothing~"

"Bah!! His Highness also said that he didn't like men, and he could come up with such a perverted punishment! "

"Perhaps... What do I like about individual men? "

"Hmph! Your Highness, don't be distracted, eat me with a shot! "


Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 82

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