Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 86

All chapter are in Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 86

Mulan opened her mouth: "But....."

"But what? You have already said that Mulan is willing to marry me, so what else? "

"The words are out, and the remorse is invalid!"

Listening to Xia Wenwen's unreasonable words, Mulan stomped her foot angrily:

"Bah! Stinky Highness, didn't you force me to say that? "

"Besides, how can I make decisions for my sister, this is disrespecting her!"

"You have the ability, you go to Mulan yourself, what is the matter with me?"

Xia Wen glanced at her, muttered and replied to her in his heart:

"Didn't this personally give it to you?"

Then shook his head a little helplessly,

Stretched out his hand, held Mulan's little hand, gently placed it on his beating heart, and then said seriously:

"I have never had the idea of disrespecting your sister, and I will make the promise token in advance, just to put my sincerity and sincerity on the bright side."

"Of course, if Mu Li is willing to accept my promise token... If you give it to you, it is not impossible...."


"Bang bang... Bang bang..."

Feeling the hot heartbeat in Xia Wen's chest, Mulan's heartbeat did not suddenly speed up a little.

Listening to Xia Wenyi's words, her eyes began to drift a little, and her heart was also a little chaotic.

Token of Promise: Sister.. Mulan: I..

This sudden arrival of the promise token made Mulan realize that her stinky highness was not joking, she was playing really!

"How can Your Stinky Highness play really?!"

"He hasn't even seen Mulan's appearance, how dare he say such a thing?"

"Or do you say.... Does he really like men and just use women to stimulate me? "

"That's not right... If he really craved my body, with his domineering personality, wouldn't he have pulled me to fencing earlier? "

"Has he already discovered it? Otherwise, how could it be inexplicable, to a person who has never met, give this token of love"

With a lot of thoughts, Mulan turned her head to the side and began to test Xia Wenlai:

"Your Highness, even if this is the case, you should give it to her with your own hands, not to me."

"And the promise token is for the lover's wife, and Mu Li, as a man, is also unacceptable."

Xia Wen let go of Mulan's soft hand, returned to the tiger chair and sat down, and was silent for a moment before whispering 17:

"The reason why I don't give it to her personally is because I may not have this time,"

"I'll leave the barracks tomorrow to do some things, and it's hard to say when I'll be back."

The atmosphere, under this unexpected answer, began to become silent.

But soon, Hua Mulan, who had returned to her senses, turned her head abruptly:

"What? Are you leaving tomorrow? "

"Well, I'll leave tomorrow." Seeing that Mulan grasped the point, Xia Wen did not grind, and continued:

"The Great Xia Western Warcraft Forest riot, I need to go over and suppress it."

All of Mulan's thoughts suddenly dissipated, she frowned, strode to Xia Wen, and stared at him closely:

"Then why didn't you tell me earlier?"

"I'm afraid you're worried."


The atmosphere in the handsome tent was quiet again,

But for some reason, this time the silence seems to have a little different taste.

I don't know how long it took, Mulan's voice came again leisurely:

"Can I accompany His Highness?"

Xia Wen did not answer immediately, but reached forward, hugged Mulan, and sat on his lap.

Somehow, Mulan didn't have any trace of struggle.

Just with a little expectation, he looked at Xia Wen.

"I'm afraid not, your battlefield, in the southern Xinjiang of my Great Xia Dynasty, your enemy is the Xiongnu tribe."

"If you come with me, General Li He alone, I am afraid it will be difficult to support the battle situation."

Xia Wen's words made the expectation in Mulan's eyes slowly disappear,

She felt that Xia Wen was lying, and it was insignificant to have her alone.

But since the other party said so, it means that he refused to leave with her.

Mulan didn't think that Xia Wen would leave before.

She also thought of fighting on the battlefield under the leadership of the other party, making meritorious achievements, and finally glorifying her ancestors.

But now:

It seems that it will take a long time to achieve.

She was silent for a moment, and finally said softly:

"Well, Your Highness can go at ease, Mulan will fight the Xiongnu back in southern Xinjiang."

Mulan does not have a little woman mentality,

When he knew that Xia Wen was leaving, and would not take her with him, there was no point in saying anything else.

In fact, even if Xia Wen is willing to take her away, she may come to her senses and will not go with him.

Serving in the army for his father, serving the country with loyalty, the Xiongnu did not retreat, and Mulan did not return.

If the war had just begun, he would have been abducted and taken away by His Stinky Highness,

Mulan felt that she might as well go home and be a little lady, she didn't have the heart to serve the country and kill the enemy, what battlefield would she come?

These thoughts soon became clear in Mulan's heart.

Xia Wen didn't know that the other party had figured it out, and he was still caressing Mulan's back, and he kept talking in his mouth:

"If the situation is the same as I expected, it will be about a year and a half before I can return to the army."

"If something unpredictable happens, I will try to come back as soon as possible."

"In the past month and a half, although His Highness has teased you from time to time, more time is still teaching you some experience in war."

"What can be taught is actually those principles and experiences, but to really learn it, you still need to practice it yourself on the battlefield."

"Wait until I'm gone, Great General .."


Xia Wen's tireless words echoed in Mulan's heart, and they were somewhat warm, making people can't help but want to lean into his arms and listen carefully.

So she shrunk into the arms of His Stinky Highness from her own heart,

The little cheek leaned on his chest, quietly listening to his steady heartbeat under the hot breath of the other party.

Too many things happened today, which made Mulan's heart very mixed.

First he was willing to gamble and lose, put on a cool and fluttering big red dress, and then was pulled into the room by His Stinky Highness, and asked to sit on his back and touch him,

After that, he was hugged by the other party and said shameful words that will never be forgotten for a lifetime,

Then she successfully retaliated against the favor of His Stinky Highness, returned to the handsome tent, and received two gifts for her in every sense.

Holy medicine for healing, token of love:

Under such a huge amount of information, her heart has long been in turmoil,

One second I was still thinking about how to refuse, but the next second I suddenly learned that her smelly highness was leaving tomorrow,

When I return, I don't know what year or month it will be...

Mulan's heart fluctuated, various thoughts flowed, and a feeling that the kitten was abandoned by the owner gradually surfaced in her mind and lingered.

She is Mulan, a soldier who served in the army for her father and served the country loyally.

But she is also a woman, and the girl's tactful thoughts have long been unconsciously held by someone, leaving a lingering mark.

But.. Mulan is Mulan after all, not an ordinary woman.

The family and country are in turmoil, there is always separation, and the love of children is long, it is better to leave it for after the defeat of the Xiongnu.

Mulan felt that everything that happened today was like a planned game.

Like a delicate spider web, the first step of the gambling contract seems to have been doomed to this ending.

Listening to the gentle words of His Royal Highness in his ears, Mulan pressed her chest and slowly closed her eyes,

When I let go of my thoughts, everything that happened today reverberated in my memory again:

"Mulan is willing to marry His Highness.. Eight lifts of the sedan car: Marry your sister as a princess. Token of Promise: Wait for me to come back .."

The feeling of pitiful abandonment also gradually dissipated in some memory pictures.

Mulan also gradually came back to taste,

These eight achievements are the tricks of His Stinky Highness, and he may have already seen that he is a woman.

In the past month, how many times she has been greased, she still has a count in her heart.

It is said that it is the good of Long Yang, but in fact, in the army of tens of thousands of people, there are not no people who can compete with her Mulan.

But His Royal Highness Smelly never wanted to go over to find these people, and even when the whole army practiced martial arts, when he saw handsome and handsome, he would beat them even more fiercely.

And once she praised which soldier Mulan was, the other party would be beaten into a pig's head by Xia Wen.

It seems that after thinking about it, some things are already self-evident.

Stinky Highness... Special for her alone, nothing more. (Read violent novels, just go to Feilu Fiction Network!) )

From the moment the two sides first passed by, something had already begun with appearance and was rooted in the bottom of the heart.

So, since he didn't love Long Yang, why did he always slight her?

Like today, where would a big man sit on his back and press a hammer?

And arch back and forth, saying what is soft as boneless.

The last hug, so tight, she wore such a thin big red dress, and the scenery inside was not restrained in the slightest.

She didn't believe that by her own measure, His Stinky Highness would not feel the elasticity of rippling.

"So... I already knew that Mu Li was Mulan."

"The reason why I don't say it is just to take advantage of me."

"Stinky Highness..."

On this night, Xia Wen said something for a long time,

Mulan, on the other hand, did not say a word, just curled up in his arms, closed her eyes, and her eyelashes trembled.

I don't know how long it took,

It was getting dark, the moonlight was hanging on its branches, and it was time to go to sleep.

At this time, Xia Wen's voice was already a little hoarse.

At a certain moment, he stopped talking, gently looked at Mulan, who was breathing steadily, with a light smile on the corner of his mouth, and fell into sleep.

Xia Wen looked at her for a long time, his fingers brushing the ends of her hair, playing with her sideburns.

When he went to the Warcraft Forest this time, he really couldn't take Mulan with him.

In addition to not wanting to interfere with the growth of female generals,

There are also secrets that don't want her to discover themselves for the time being.

After all, the two have known each other for a short time.

It still takes time to settle again,

When you tell each other tenderly, or when the eight palanquins marry home, tell her all the secrets,

So that the little daughter-in-law will not have a pimple in her heart, and there will be such a situation as packing up and running.

Let the other party see now that he is breathing fire and turning into a dragon,

Frightened, he raised his spear and said, "Bold demon, eat me a shot, and return my smelly highness to me!" "

Or can't beat and be kneaded by Xia Wen, resulting in secretly running away, and finally can't find the big white rabbit incognito, how embarrassing!


Xia Wen just didn't think he loved enough.

Although he really wanted to lift these long legs and cook raw rice into mature rice, then probably many problems were solved.

It is a pity that even in the world of animation, in the feudal era of Daxia,

Not marrying a broken melon is also the biggest disrespect for women.

And with Mulan's nature, it really broke the melon,

Whether he willingly let you fencing or raise a spear and stab you two bloody skeletons is really hard to say.


Xia Wen firmly believes that the female general will become his big white rabbit sooner or later, and wait with peace of mind.

With thoughts rushing around, Xia Wen held the extremely tall Mulan in his arms and slowly stood up.

I have to say that his Xia Wen is only one meter eight five meters tall now, holding a one meter seven five Mulan,

Feel.... It's quite heavy.

The two pairs of long legs that are upturned outside, if they are changed into shorts, I don't know how many leg control crazy eyes will be attracted.

Xia Wen felt that his own Mulan's figure was really in line with his aesthetics.

The legs are long, the waist is thin and the hips are large, and it is difficult to grasp it with only one hand, coupled with the firmness of years of martial arts training, it is an excellent body at a glance.

This future does not give him Xia Wensheng ten eight, feel a little sorry for this perfect delicate body.

Xia Wen's movements were very light, and his steps hardly felt any shaking.

Mulan leaned her face sideways against Xia Wen's chest, and her hair was a little loose on her face,

The heroic and sassy face in the past, under the sleeping face at this moment, has already brought a lazy beauty.

Walk out of the handsome tent and come to Mulan's small tent.

Xia Wen gently placed her on the bed, took off her coat for her, and then took off the embroidered shoes and cotton socks, revealing her white and tender little feet,

Then drag the futon over and cover her with the quilt.

After doing this, Xia Wen himself sat down.

Reaching out to smooth the messy hair on her face, looking at her sleeping face, a smile appeared at the corner of her mouth, and said softly:

"My Mulan, when you have long hair and waist, His Highness will come and marry you."

"If you dare to refuse at that time, I will arrest you and pout fencing every day until you become my form." 837 said, Xia Wen leaned down and unceremoniously imprinted on Mulan's rosy lips.

Ten seconds later,

Xia Wen reluctantly separated,

He smacked his lips and savored it for a moment before slowly getting up and walking towards the outside of the tent.

He's not actually going tomorrow.

But leave tonight,

It is necessary to go to the large tribe of the Xiongnu and kill a few dangerous people before they can leave with confidence.

And just when Xia Wen left the tent, less than a minute,

The woman on the bed with moist lips, her beautiful eyelashes trembled, and slowly opened her eyes.

Mulan looked at the top of her head stunned, subconsciously bit her lip, and tasted it.

Xia Wen's words, she heard them all....

She woke up when she returned to the tent and her bare feet were held.

It was also because of Xia Wen's words that she was really sure that His Royal Highness Smelly had really seen it a long time ago:

In order to eat some tofu, I have been pretending until now,

I would rather let her think that there is a good dragon yang, and I don't poke at the fact that she is a woman.

"This bastard... In order to take advantage ... Call... What a talent..."

Helplessly muttering, Mulan's heart still has something she can't understand,

And this does not understand, that is, why her first kiss is so gone?

It feels good to be wrapped, but the problem is that if she really falls asleep, isn't she being by His Stinky Highness?!

When I am kissed next time, I will happily think that it is my first kiss, and it is very clean.

Maybe he will tell Xia Wen to let him know that he is the first time.

But in fact, this thing has been stolen long ago, and His Royal Highness may have snickered at her in his heart.

At this time, Mulan finally moved, her slender jade hand stretched out, and her fingers touched her lips.

In her heart, she has already written this matter down in a small book,

Women are very vindictive, especially when she is still a woman among women.

This matter, early in the evening, I have to find His Stinky Highness to settle the account!

If he comes back early, double the kiss back to him.

If he comes back and makes himself bored with waiting, then take the mace to him to practice, kiss or something, it's all a dream!

After secretly making this decision in her heart, Mulan slowly closed her eyes again.

She knew that with His Highness's temperament, she might leave this evening.

Worrying about her stomach is not what she wants to see, and it is also something that Xia Wen does not like.

They all want to solve things as soon as possible and don't let the people around them wait for a long time.

In fact, it is very good, I came to the battlefield to kill the enemy and serve my country,

Where did you get so much time to talk about love,

Don't confuse the painting style of Mulan serving in the army for her father and fighting in the battlefield.

She is a female general who is seven in and seven out on the battlefield, so she is not a monster who can only pout fencing!

All kinds of strange things are that although there are many thoughts, the surging sleepiness is still irresistible,

As the night becomes more and more intense, the insects and birds outside the window also trickle in,

The sound of breathing inside the tent is getting smoother and smoother,

A certain big grinning female general has sucked her mouth and fallen into some wonderful dream.


Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow!

Zongman: It starts with meeting the twin queens of ice and snow! - Chapter 86

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